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Matta Mia works together with Henley Farm Arabians to breed horses which comply with our high standards. We nearly always have young horses for sale and appointments can be made to view our stock. Smoko offered (morning / afternoon tea) and accommodation is available locally.

Prices are available on enquiry.


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Broken in and currently in endurance training

$ Matta Mia Zawadi
DOB: 22 Dec 2005, Bay Purebred (Zeyn Dahabdamm x MM Zahra)

SOLD Matta Mia Daniel
DOB: 2 Feb 2006, Bay Anglo (Zeyn Dahabdamm x MM Debutante )

SOLD Matta Mia Samuel
DOB: 12 Jun 2006, Chestnut Partbred (Zeyn Dahabdamm x MM Siwieh)

SOLD Matta Mia Sadik
DOB: 30 May 2005, Chestnut Purebred (Googabilla Lodge Omar x MM Safra)


Shaiyal  Matta Mia Shaiyal
DOB: 15 Sep 2006, Chestnut (Googabilla Lodge Omar x MM Safra)

Lawain  Matta Mia Lawain
DOB: 18 Sep 2006, Grey (Zeyn Dahabdamm x Cameo Lace)

Tikram  Matta Mia Tikram
DOB: 1 Oct 2006, Chestnut (MM Kimile x MM T’abai)

$ Matta Mia Sahh
DOB: 14 May 2007, Grey (MM Kimile x MM Sa’ideh)

$ Matta Mia La’atim
DOB: 2 Aug 2007, Grey (MM Kimile x MM Lamieh)

SOLD Matta Mia Abadan
DOB: 13 Nov 2006, Grey (Khemo Royalty x MM Abril)

SOLD Matta Mia Su-Al
DOB: 1 May 2007, Grey (MM Kimile x MM Suwarieh)

SOLD Matta Mia Assar
DOB: 23 Jun 2007, Chestnut (MM Kimile x MM Ashkranieh)

SOLD Matta Mia Ahmahn
DOB: 25 Oct 2007, Chestnut (Googabilla Lodge Omar x MM Ammaleh)


$ Matta Mia Rupert
DOB: 14 Oct 2007, Chestnut (Zeyn Dahabdamm x MM Ruble)

SOLD Matta Mia Rufus
DOB: 25 Oct 2007, Chestnut (Googabilla Lodge Omar x MM Ruffles)


Kassanova  Matta Mia Kassanova
DOB: 24 Sep 2006, Bay (Zeyn Dahabdamm x MM Kara Lynne)

SOLD Matta Mia Dougal
DOB: 22 Oct 2007, Chestnut (Googabilla Lodge Omar x MM Debutante)

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